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 Final Demo (Version 0.4), Includes more playable characters!
 Posted: Jul 28 2016, 12:57 AM

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"Super Mario: All-Star Attack, previously known as Super Mario World: All-Star Edition,
is a team fangame project that blends all the fun of the classic Mario platformers into one whole new experience.
You can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad, or Princess Peach in a engaging quest to retrieve back the All-Star from Bowser
and his minions, going through ten whopping-huge worlds, through exploration and perplexing warps between worlds such as Subcon and the Minus World.
During this process you can play your own music, swap graphics using the external skin system, swap sounds from 16-bit to 8-bit, and even retrieve the game's
stamps through the unlockable menu system!
With a renewed graphic style and dynamic physics, an engaging plot, and brand-new levels, Super Mario: All-Star Attack is a phenomenal fanmade experience."
STATUS: We are in need of programmers / spriters.
This demo is the final demo(?) of the game, as I, Mikeystar, will be leaving this project. You can find out more in the Readme file included within the demo.
However, before I leave, I wanted to release this demo to the public so those can get a taste of all of the playable characters in the demo. You can unlock the most of them by the time you make it to World 9, via Star Road. There are also many stages being introduced into this version, so be sure you are ready for the long trip, as Worlds 1, 2 and 3 are done!
I would also like to announce that this game is also compatible with a joystick, a gamepad, whatever you call it, I don't care, just knock yourself out. ;)
You can also now change the audio settings! No more irregular sound mixing volumes! Change the music, sound and voice sample volumes with ease.

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SM: ASA File Download - Externals (121.01 MB ):
SM: ASA File Download - Main Game (11.24 MB):


Sonic Sega Genesis Colors Skin Patch (94.42 KB):
Modern Sonic Skin Patch (97.19 KB):
SM: ASA Sound Skin Patches (6.25 MB):

YOUTUBE PLAYLIST: This is the colossal heck-of-a-playlist, if you're curious to what other levels are not in this demo.

Place this banner in your signature if you support the
progress of All-Star Attack!

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In conclusion, have a good time with this version. It may or may not be the final release. As of right now, this project is discontinued until I or another administrator decides to resume the project towards its full completion.

Thank you all!

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