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 Secon, Version 2.1, August 2015
 Posted: Jan 24 2016, 10:29 PM

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THE SECOND DEMO HAS BEEN RELEASED. you may remember oue first demo was released on Mario Fan Games Galaxy on Oct 26, 2014 and was later exhibited on the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention days later. Unfortunately, the 18 levels featured in the first demo were not a reflection of our true vision for this game. Over the course of 7-8 months, we have made extensive updates to the game in order to provide a fuller experience with this demo.

What does this demo feature?
- 50+ Levels, which has the entirety of World 1 and 2 complete along with various levels added on to later worlds.
- Addition of Luigi as a playable character.
- Updated additions to music, modifications to old stages, and many glitch fixes.
- Updated Graphics thanks to the efforts of Geoshi, Karate Cat, and Neweegee.
- Achievements such as stamps to be unlocked, as well as a level list, all located in the DMG Screen of the World Map.

World Order:
~ World 1 (Minty Plains, Grassland)
~ World 2 (Djanet Dunes, Desert, Sand Canyon)
~ World 3 (Overswell Ocean, Beach, Waterfall)
~ World 4 (Yoshi's Island, Various, Jungle)
~ World 5 (Windswept Canyon / Aerate Altitudes, Badlands, Sky)
~ World 6 (Gelide Glacier, Snowland, Mountain, Iceberg and Ocean)
~ World 7 (Bowser's Industries, Industry, Urban, Casino)
~ World 8 (Koopa Core, Forest, Darkland)
~ World 9 (Stardust Route, Space, Various)


user posted image
user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Second Demo Announcement Video:

Hello everyone, and I am here to bring to you some friggin' awesome news! Whew, the second demo is now out and available to play, including Luigi and various stages to choose from!

Go ahead and play the demo now! Here is the download link:

SM: ASA Sound Skin Patches (6.25 MB)

SM: ASA File Download (135+ MB)

AS A BONUS: Feel free to download this fan-art poster done by Faisal Aden of DeviantArt!
Promotional Poster

Now, go ahead and play the demo! Any questions or concerns of the demo should be asked within the "General Discussion" forum.

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