0001055425@ccisd.net -- I cannot use the F12 key that unlocks all the levels, so how can I do it
Yagoshi -- This Fangame needs it's own Discord Chat
0001055425@ccisd.net -- Mikeyster, what is the backgrounds pack did you add kirby stuff
0001055425@ccisd.net -- Mikeystar, so will your team continue finishing the rest of the full game
Mikeystar -- No. I am not in charge of this game anymore. Refer to the actual All-Star Attack team if you request of anything.
0001055425@ccisd.net -- https://www.mediafire.com/?bdrt0384t38hv4z
0001055425@ccisd.net -- Mikeystar why did you throw away the Secon 2.1 that was my favorite could you please refresh it
0001055425@ccisd.net -- I support Super Mario All-Star Attack
0001055425@students.ccisd. -- that's so cool
Yagoshi -- Ded